One of my favorite things to do in addition to knitting is converting the public. Which includes, friends, family, and strangers. I’ve personally only taught 2 people to knit but I like to think I’ve had a hand in a few of my friends ‘fiber awakenings’. Truth be told, I’m pretty evangelical about knitting (I like it. So you might too). I want to step up the conversion. Yesterday a woman on the subway asked me where to get yarn and needles like mine, and I only had one yarn store business card on me. (for shame!) That store was in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is nice, sure, but that lady was in Midtown Manhattan. So I’m thinking of creating a pocket guide to city knits. It would divide up the city into yarn. oooo

Do you have any favorite stores that feed your addiction?

In order to bolster this little guide I’m going to put together a yarn crawl. It’s spring time and I’m feeling like finding something fresh in the city…

also, the Sea Silk Moss yarn made it to its intended target. At 4oo meters (that’s 437.45 yards for my fellow Americans) it does go on & on.

check it out in the Berry Colorway:

Berry Goodness