Sometimes tying one on before knitting can lead to unfortunate decisions.

Case in point: bottle of Shiraz-Cabernet blend plus brand spanking new (to me) flower basket shawl pattern equals major frogging episode of ridiculous proportions.

Cast on… knit… 70 ROWS later realize, “huh, I am reading the left half of this pattern backwards and am definately making this much harder than it needs to be, and what if the border won’t work with the backwardness? so maybe I should stop…” Did I mention I’m blond?

Anyway, my man (an awesome specimen of humanity) got me a fabulous birthday gift.

See my sad crinkly Koigu yarn ‘before’ picture?


‘After’ the steamy action!


Smooth, smooth smooth! I can not tell you how happy I am to have a hand held Steamer. It may be sad, but I’m totally digging it. Some knitters recommend the “hang your frogged bits in the bathroom while you shower” to release the kinks, but that has never worked for me (my shower is not uber toasty) so this is a great alternative.