I feel it’s important to point out that I am a process knitter with a solid objective. I say solid because it seems like some process knitters knit for the fun and the new technique and don’t really have a plan for the final knit product. I knit for those reasons and additionally to release knits into the wild!

pink bag fulled

Which isn’t always a welcome thing. Fortunately my friends are willing to be experimented on. For her birthday my oldest pal received a fulled bag, my very first. Not a huge deal, just a little felting. The experimenting comes into play when the bag is loaded up with various girly accoutrements. Can my worsted virgin wool handle the bounty of uber girliness? Or will I be saddled with sag related guilt? Good thing there are 2 more skeins in the stash just in case the bag crashes and burns. I may just have to reinforce the handles…

A couple notes about the project:
this was based on a pattern by Jana Trent published by Interweave Spin-Off. Click here for a pdf.
Yarn used: Lamb’s Pride, one skein
The pattern was modified slightly to feature seed stitch on the top third of the bag.