August 2007

Hey ladies,

Autumn is approaching and it is a perfect time of year to add a new skill to your set of crafty abilities (remember how we all used to start school in the fall? Congrats on finally graduating Jenny & Kate!). Yeah, here is a list of things I’d like in my craft repertoire.

Needle Felting
Advanced Basic Machine Sewing (every time I make a halloween costume I have at least one crying fit – this is ridiculous)
Basic Embroidery

Anyone up for a spinning class?

Are there any particular arrows you want to add to your quiver? : P


My socks arrived in the mail! They are really pretty. I’m so pleased with the fit and the delicate stitch pattern goes so nicely with the watercolor style palette. One more reason to look forward to chilly weather.

Socks From My Sock Pal

Also, my pal did not send chocolate and I’m SO glad because I’m really trying to clean up my eating habits maybe even go on a ‘detox diet’ for 8 weeks. That I’d have to squeeze in before Christmas and all the holiday cookies. Is it sad that I’m daydreaming about the cookies already?? They are my downfall. Every freakin’ year.

ANYway sock-a-palooza was a great experience so if you haven’t already you should try it next year.

And while we’re trying things hop over to the spin-out blog and check out all the fun! (I didn’t win the logo contest, but the one chosen is really great – it’s currently in the side bar) Looks like a pretty big event. I still need to learn to spin though. : )

So I still don’t know how to spin, but darn it, I’m setting a deadline so that I can participate in this year’s spin out in Central Park. Ladies if you are up for it, it is on September 29th. I’m sure you can go even if you don’t know how, there will be great fiber mojo!

Cara over at January One had a logo contest this year and I submitted some ideas (click for bigger):


Hope to see you there!

Finished! The socks have been sent off so I can finally blog about them. The color isn’t quite right, my sock pal asked for Autumn and yes, these are like Autumn…but on psychedelics. (this is what happens when you buy your yarn online) They took 1 month to complete.

I also sent a set of sock blockers I made out of acrylic with her name and web slogan laser etched into them. I’d never made any before but I tried them out when blocking her sock, and they seem to work ok.

Finished specs:
Yarn: 1 skein Socks That Rock lightweight in colorway G rocks
Pattern: Cable Twist Socks from (free pattern)
Cast on: 70 Sts using Twisted German cast on (it’s like the long tail method but stretchier)

anything else? oh, I REALLY hope they fit well and that my pal likes them. (click pics for larger view) Acrylic CloseupThe sock pal socks