The long-awaited, many-times-frogged pipe component of the mario scarf is now complete.  CHECK IT.

mario scarf

It is being knit with a combo of intarsia and stranding.  Sometimes I get confused as 
when to do which method, so I pretty much always cross the colors whenever it’s time to change.

I’m not going to take a photo of the other side yet because it is really scary back there.  I used five colors of yarn in what amounted to about 8 separate bobbins. I found that the clothespins help a lot because not only do they keep things from unwinding and getting totally out of control, but they have a tiny heft to them that anchors the strands in place a little nicer than the freeform yarn balls.

pixel knits

The finished product will hopefully look something like this.  The top will just be plain navy until it gets long enough to function as an actual functional outerwear accessory.  I’m aiming to have it finished on or around the birthday on October 24.  But I might even be done in time for the CHIPTUNE BOAT RIDE who knows.  It might be chilly?  But then again I might have to knit a solid blue reverse for it because like I said the strings are kind of a knitemare– ha-ha!