if so she ain’t using it:

In addition to the holiday knits there’s some ‘oops I got pregnant’ knitting going on (not me, I’m not pregnant, but friends. oh so many knocked up friends). These friends didn’t get pregnant by knitting though either.

Baby knits are fast, and if I could just figure out this embroidery thing the cat would be done and some little girl would have a warm noggin and Halloween costume all in one!! For the record this year I am going as Lakitu from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

lakitu.gifMaybe more on that later since it’s not knitting but is crafty!

Couple Notes: This Cat Hat pattern is the simple rolled hat in DK weight from “Itty-Bitty Hats” The ears are based on Hello Yarn’s Top Down Bonnet With Anime Character we’ll see what ends up on the face. Maybe it will be a faceless cat. Would that be freaky?