October 2007


well you better go out there and enjoy yourselves or Lakitu will lay a spiney smack down!Spiney

Details later this week, I’d say tomorrow, but it’s going to be a late night…!!!


Baby hat in progress:Baby hat is kinda adult

I don’t have any children, but I’m pretty sure this will be too large for a newborn. However, my co-workers with kids say that babies have huge heads (since it’s almost Halloween that fills my scary quotient for the day).

Maybe I’ll make some bootees to match. Hopefully she won’t go into labor before I’m done…

Happy Friday!

It’s done!  Just in time for the birthday that started… about 45 minutes ago.




The blanket stitch was not as scary as I thought, but I don’t know if I was even doing it right.  It was a little wonky at first until I got the hang of it.

The problem with the fleece is that it’s not stretchy like the garter stitch so I was afraid it would be rumply in places but it’s not really too bad.

I think this project turned out pretty well, considering that I’ve been working on it for the past two entire evenings and now my hand is about to fall off.  (It’s not easy doing surprise knitting presents for someone you see just about every damn day.)  I think now I’m going to take a hiatus from knitting for a while… unless someone wants something SIMPLE like Space Invaders or something for Christmas.

Sometimes knitting kicks you in the rear and you just keep taking it until someone says, “if you walk a bit to the left that foot can’t kick you anymore.”  I’m just saying, the intense desire to make a project work blinded me to the different fixes available.

Case in point: last week Jenny sought to put me out of my knitterly misery with the fine suggestion of Arm Warmers! Ha I haven’t made those in years. Knitting is actually fun again.

Arm Warmer

They are a bit long at 8.875″ but I kinda like that. These are off the Christmas presents list so I can take my time (and really enjoy) finishing the second one. There is a touch of pooling at the thumb area so I might try to knit while alternating each row with a strand from the light pink section and then the dark pink section and see how that goes.

Ah freedom. Thanks Jenny!

Inspired by Cassandra’s too cute amigurumi, I’ve been sewing felt creatures from “The Cute Book”. Sabre helped me to master the elusive french knot and I’m flexing my sewing muscles for my Halloween costume this year, check back later for details.

I finally finished the scarf to go with my spaghetti strap dress, just in time for Kate’s niece’s bat mitzvah. Cassandra commented that it looked like scribble lace, which was unintentional. I finished it on our roof, before it got too cold and where I could escape from Mel for awhile. I also made some rosewater pistachio cupcakes as a test run that knitting circle has not had a chance to try yet. They have cardamom and a wonderful tea taste that is a little like licking someone’s grandmother, but in the nicest possible way.

Last night I tried on the sock for the first time since turning the heel. Apparently I’m knitting for a 13 year old instead of a 30 year old woman.

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is really all I have to say about that.

Oh heel!

Please note the location of the actual heel versus the knitted heel. Sigh.

Now the question remains: rip back and have another go? or find a new sock recipient with smaller ankles? 76 days until Christmas.

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