Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Inspired by Cassandra’s too cute amigurumi, I’ve been sewing felt creatures from “The Cute Book”. Sabre helped me to master the elusive french knot and I’m flexing my sewing muscles for my Halloween costume this year, check back later for details.


I finally finished the scarf to go with my spaghetti strap dress, just in time for Kate’s niece’s bat mitzvah. Cassandra commented that it looked like scribble lace, which was unintentional. I finished it on our roof, before it got too cold and where I could escape from Mel for awhile. I also made some rosewater pistachio cupcakes as a test run that knitting circle has not had a chance to try yet. They have cardamom and a wonderful tea taste that is a little like licking someone’s grandmother, but in the nicest possible way.