Sometimes knitting kicks you in the rear and you just keep taking it until someone says, “if you walk a bit to the left that foot can’t kick you anymore.”  I’m just saying, the intense desire to make a project work blinded me to the different fixes available.

Case in point: last week Jenny sought to put me out of my knitterly misery with the fine suggestion of Arm Warmers! Ha I haven’t made those in years. Knitting is actually fun again.

Arm Warmer

They are a bit long at 8.875″ but I kinda like that. These are off the Christmas presents list so I can take my time (and really enjoy) finishing the second one. There is a touch of pooling at the thumb area so I might try to knit while alternating each row with a strand from the light pink section and then the dark pink section and see how that goes.

Ah freedom. Thanks Jenny!