October 2007

In the documentary The King of Kong: A Firstful of Quarters, Steve Weibe surmounts numerous challenges, working long hours in pursuit of his ultimate goal: to become the world champion of Donkey Kong. In the end, he emerges victorious not because of a high score, but because of his determination, skill, hard work, and sportsmanship. Also, the amazing dexterity and stamina of his eye-hand coordination.

Unfortunately Steve and I do not possess many of the same traits. I ordered this from Amazon on Saturday in a lazy last ditch effort to finish the friggin’ scarf. Because I just cannot see myself doing this on size 8 needles for a whole ‘nother side. I apologize for letting everyone down. I should be getting the fleece in a couple days, at which point you can be sure that the angst shall begin anew.

This man appears to be sporting the Snug Tug.
Doesn’t he know that look is so 2005?


imperfect pair

These socks seem to garner more curiosity and comments than any other project I’ve worked on in public. Maybe it’s the enticing visual combo of 5 pointy needles with vivid pink yarn, but it’s getting a little silly. And just to be clear, No, these aren’t dick mittens, they are socks people.

sheesh. Gotta stop knitting at the bar…

looks like Mario is a popular subject out there in knit land. Check out this fantastic scarf!

Mario Enemies

There’s even LAKITU!! The knitting looks great. It’s lined with fleece. I wish the maker had taken more time stitching the fleece on – it looks a little wonky. But other than that, VERY COOL!

Lauren I expect your backer to be stitched with that loving precision we’ve seen all along 😉

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