November 2007

29 days to be exact and if my secret knitting needs to end by Dec. 21? Hmm.

this is the plan revisited:

1 silk herringbone stitch scarf — DONE! Pics to come.

1 lap blanket (pattern Hemlock Ring mod by b r o o k l y n t w e e d) — I’m on ROW 39! I made it past the dreaded row 35. Actually not bad if you have the corrected pattern.

1 lace scarf (pattern TBD) – The Yarn Harlot is making the Swallow Tail Shawl from Interweave Knits, it looks relatively simple. Maybe I could take the main pattern and work it in a scarf format? I’ll have to check…

Then there are last year’s knits that didn’t make it off the needles in time:Charlotte’s Web Shawl in Rainbow Mohair

Feather and Fan scarf in Silver Threaded Mohair —  OK, truth time. I really hate this thing.  The yarn is like Cellophane Threaded Mohair. So NO. I’m NOT MAKING YOU EVER! Sometimes I need to be firm with my knits.



One of my favorite moments of the series, say it with me, “DR ALLEN’S GINGER-FLAVORED BRANDY”

Oh yeah. And I think if you look closely you’ll see a badly photoshopped My So-Called Scarf gracing Graham’s neck. Too bad he choose to wear red, that’s some horrible clashing dudes.

I always thought he was a little girly. deep down. way deep down. way way.

BrianK *

Brian Krakow wears Lauren’s “My So-Called Scarf” in a lovely Manos del Uruguay yarn, #115 a.k.a. Flame #102 a.k.a. Canyon. It is not well represented in this photo, but the color is a deep reddish brown, with hints of aubergine.

* Please do not judge me on my Photoshopping abilities, I made this SOLELY using PowerPoint and MS Paint.

MSCS Swatch

You may have noticed that this scarf is no longer dropping its stitches. Yeah, that’s because I was hating it. It was just too inelegant. This is silk and for my Mother-in-law so I want it to be special. Although I’m not sure this pattern does the yarn justice either. The pattern is “My So-Called Scarf” It’s kind of non-drapey and thick in this yarn. Maybe if I went up a needle size? I feel like this is my redemption project for all the crappy hand knits I’ve tormented my extended family with.

Lauren suggested a variant on the drop stitch pattern called Sea Foam?? maybe I’ll give that a try. Or dig into the Manos stash and knit up MSCS in the yarn it was originally made in. 47 days people!!

I think all doilies are reminiscent of ancient ladies and too heinous to make in the contemporary knitting scene.

ha, just kidding! I’m totally addicted to knitting this giant blanket sized doily! Here is my swatch for the Hemlock Ring Blanket based on a 1942 pattern. Who knew doily knitting could be so fun?

Hemlock Swatch

size is about 12″ Proof of swatch!