December 2007

I have all of these great photos of my Halloween costume, that I never got to wear to the parade because I had a crazy dry/infected eye that just didn’t go with the mermaid theme. I did wear it to a party and I think our table was the only one where the women’s costumes didn’t all look like strippers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a little creativity, people, how many naughty nurses can one bar handle? (rhetorical question). I’m also posting the eggnog cupcakes (from Bittersweet) that we had for Thanksgiving at Cassandra and Owen’s that were decidedly not eggnog-like, but still really damn good. And, to bring us up to the current holiday, the soaps that I made with characters on them that supposedly say things like: love, tranquility, energy, but that probably actually say something completely different. And, the iPod holder that I made for Kate. It was super-easy and one of the many cute things in Vogue’s Knit 101 book.


So I was reading over at Grumperina’s about Cat Bordhi’s sock short row techniques – there are pictures – please head over and check it out!  Those are beautiful looking! No holes! I’m stunned.

I never really thought to buy her book (as a graphic designer I shun the cover. I know, I know ‘never judge….’ yada yada but I guess I can be a bit of a snob. ) But this is really exciting. Grumperina also mentions a pattern with a wider instep which means it could fit my wide foot w/o stretching out! Dudes! I’m a knitting geek. Huh. I didn’t quite realize that.

So what’s next on the needles? Since every woman in NY is sporting a  cabled hat with either a brim or sequins I think I’m going to have to rock that. Maybe both. Now that the Christmas knitting is out of the way, I feel freedom. I still plan to make 3 batches of Christmas cookies, wrap gifts, pack for DC and clean the apartment. OH and host knitting! hrm. When WILL they make the 25 hour day huh?

Unfortunately dressed Gingerbread men have become a tradition in my household. I think it stems from my husband’s fantasy to be some wealthy woman’s pool boy. Ah, someday his sugar mama may come but for now all the sugar is from gingerbread. I kid. Mostly. 🙂

Gingerbread Pool Boy

I admit, I’m a bit of a Martha Stewart wannabe so it is challenging to my aesthetic taste to have a gingerbread man with nipples that match his bathing trunks. In other words, I wish he’d used some pink or brown sprinkles.  The green mouth isn’t an issue, he must have been drinking grasshoppers while changing the pool filter.

The recipe I use is from Martha’s Christmas Cookie Magazine. The one on her site is slightly different but still looks tasty: Gingerbread  Men (excuse me, these are listed as ginger bread people).

Ok, so I’ve tossed the plan. Back when we were still in the triples I thought it would be fun to make 7 hand knits for Christmas. Now the reality is: 3! There are 3 only and that’s that. Begin mini FO parade:

Hemlock Ring Lap Throw:

Hemlock Ring Lap Throw

This was hard for me to make. I knit mostly in the A.M. and in front of the telly so I like mindless knitting (probably why I’ve plateaued as a knitter) But following a somewhat archaic (from 1942) written lace pattern was challenging and demanded concentration. I’m pretty pleased with the result and I think the giftee will appreciate it. My ultimate goal.


Materials: Cascade Ecological Wool in color 8010
Needles: US 9, 47″ circular, Addi Turbos

Feather and Fan Scarf:

F-n-F Zombie Scarf

This took 2 years to make. Literally. I’ve been working on it intermittently since the NYC transit strike. The synthetic fibers woven in the mohair catch the light for a festive look. And being honest without grinching? I don’t think this is a particularly itchy fiber combo. I take back the nasty things I said about you, F-n-F zombie scarf.


Materials: 1 Skein  of Kidsilk Haze (I think) with shiny acrylic woven though.

Needles: US 6, 16″ circular, Addi Turbos

er, the 3 FO is dawdling and won’t be up until a sound wash and block.

thus concludes the mini FO parade.

This morning while commuting a woman asked if my circular needles generated my feather and fan pattern automatically. Well, wouldn’t that be less fun? It’s interesting how many crocheters out there are so in the dark about knitting. They tell me they crochet but (pointing to my needles) with only one of those things. Huh.

Well anyway, I’m hopping for some serious blocking action this weekend. My priorities?

1. the hemlock blanket (I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!! it’s been off the needles since Tuesday!!)

2. the my-so-called scarf (just need to rebind off in smaller needles there’s some wicked flare at one end. ew)

3. the feather and fan scarf (currently still on the needles but I’m optimistic)
Oh and an update on the honey socks: apparently I knit tighter than I did a year ago. So yeah, they’re a no go until I get new DPNs since I really can’t put a manhood mitten under the Christmas tree.

I have finally succumbed to the addiction that is sock knitting.  Or rather, bootie knitting since I have neither the time nor the patience for socks, or anything requiring a <#9 needle.

I thought these would make some good last-minute (last-minute for knitted stuff anyway) gift items.

Thanks to Cassandra for the beautiful handspun yarn, I would give it a shout-out but I think I threw away the tag! …the color was called Sundress.

The twin toes are Needful Yarns Joy #312.

Thanks also goes to this lady… I’m just sorry I didn’t discover her page sooner!  I am still terrified of DP needles and so I jumped head first into the magic loop.


A stocking for my sweetie:


OK OK OK! I’ll be honest here, this was knit over a year ago. The amazing thing is, I’ve decided to make the mate. Ooooh! That’s follow through! Still counts even though it’s been forever.

Dragging out (ha) the Feather & Fan scarf reminded me of my promise to make my man socks many moons ago. So I’ll be knitting on the sly since he thinks he’ll only ever get the one. Maybe I’ll even wrap them separately. 🙂 I’m no Yarn Harlot but I think I can whip a sock out in less than 2 weeks. I think. Problem is, spending time with him is one of my favorite things. So when is this going to get knit secretly?

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