This morning while commuting a woman asked if my circular needles generated my feather and fan pattern automatically. Well, wouldn’t that be less fun? It’s interesting how many crocheters out there are so in the dark about knitting. They tell me they crochet but (pointing to my needles) with only one of those things. Huh.

Well anyway, I’m hopping for some serious blocking action this weekend. My priorities?

1. the hemlock blanket (I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!! it’s been off the needles since Tuesday!!)

2. the my-so-called scarf (just need to rebind off in smaller needles there’s some wicked flare at one end. ew)

3. the feather and fan scarf (currently still on the needles but I’m optimistic)
Oh and an update on the honey socks: apparently I knit tighter than I did a year ago. So yeah, they’re a no go until I get new DPNs since I really can’t put a manhood mitten under the Christmas tree.