So I was reading over at Grumperina’s about Cat Bordhi’s sock short row techniques – there are pictures – please head over and check it out!  Those are beautiful looking! No holes! I’m stunned.

I never really thought to buy her book (as a graphic designer I shun the cover. I know, I know ‘never judge….’ yada yada but I guess I can be a bit of a snob. ) But this is really exciting. Grumperina also mentions a pattern with a wider instep which means it could fit my wide foot w/o stretching out! Dudes! I’m a knitting geek. Huh. I didn’t quite realize that.

So what’s next on the needles? Since every woman in NY is sporting a  cabled hat with either a brim or sequins I think I’m going to have to rock that. Maybe both. Now that the Christmas knitting is out of the way, I feel freedom. I still plan to make 3 batches of Christmas cookies, wrap gifts, pack for DC and clean the apartment. OH and host knitting! hrm. When WILL they make the 25 hour day huh?