January 2008

The socks they just don’t stop!


Next up: TODDSOCKS.  Watch yo’self.


Deceit, addiction. Two things that tend to go hand in hand. Well in this case hand and hat:


My preliminary armwarmer. Kinda nice eh? Sort of an indigo color as per request. See that cable along the center? Subtle. Best part? This is my own pattern produced from an actual swatch I made! It could use delinting but over all it’s a success!

Right? Not so much. This is where I’m lying to you:

Holey (piece of) crap

Behold! The abysmal laddering and shoddy join for the thumb casing. I have a terrible time with DPNs greater than U.S. size 2 – fabric ladders no matter how tightly I pull. I think it’s time to journey to the land of the Magic Loop. Well, I have no excuse for that thumb except that it was early Monday morning and I was still bleary eyed from living.

And behind the deception lurks the addiction:hat for Luis’s son

Hat for Zabet’s Son

Two little hats to boost my knitterly mood. Just something to take the edge off you know? Get me through the day.

A quick note about the second hat: it’s knit for a child whose initials are “S.A.I.L” so I went with a nautical theme. This hat reminds me of wooden lobster bouys or the Nautical Flag Echo (I am directing my course to starboard) This makes me glad in a big ole geeky way.

And Lia? If I ever get these armwarmers working I’ll be happy to make you a pair 🙂

Next up: a bit of sweater action. A very wee bit.

Over the holiday I got acquainted with this nifty bit of antiquity:

Can’t you just stretch it?

Any guesses what this might be? Ok, maybe it doesn’t qualify as antiquity, but it’s up there in years.  A hat stretcher!


There’s a New York City address on this so I could probably figure out when it was made. Right now it’s just diverting to have as a sort of objet d’art. 

And prepare yourselves for the mini-magnificance of the holiday hat trick:

Hat Trick +1

Whee! That was fun, hats out of the system (maybe). Time to move on to my man’s sweater now.

Next: The armwarmers. I Swears.

Also,  TooBoo ladies, so good to see you yesterday!!

I’m sorry for not posting these sooner.  There really is no excuse.  I even got a new camera from Santa, so my projects will no longer wilt under the glaring flash of my crappulous Canon from 2002. So without further ado…

mom socks

Mom’s socks.  These turned out quite nicely I believe, apart from being bound off slightly too tightly.  Also I found out later that when you cast on for the toes, you flip the needles 180°.  So it feels like you’re knitting on the wrong side, but really it’s the right side.  Otherwise you get BUMPS ON YOUR TOES.   Not those kinds of bumps, it’s not really contagious, I just mean it looks like a purl row sticking out of the seam.

Anyway, mom liked them a lot. So much that she decided that she would give her friend another pair as a gift!  So I am working on those now.


Felted laptop bag!  Finally.  So after completing this project I only have two pieces of advice:

1. Don’t be sloppy with your sewing.  Try to match up the rows.  Otherwise, you get this visually interesting but physically warped diagonal stripe.

2. DO NOT attempt to felt something this size unless you have uninterrupted access to a washing machine in a private home.  This might take awhile, and there WILL be lint.

It’s been a productive few days. In 5 days I’ve finished four (4) hats. The parentheses is for a reality check. Really, this is the most prolific I’ve been, knit wise.

I’ve wanted to try out some cable knitting and now that the holiday insanity is over voilà:Cabled Hat, Blue

I’ve never cabled before, but it was super easy! The cable pattern is from the Cables Untangled: An Exploration of Cable Knitting  stitch glossary. The hat is based on “Kim’s Hats from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s also a test hat. I tried out the pattern then made 2 more for gifts (pictures? yeah, I have them on a different hard drive. Curse my disorganized self).  The cables give the hat a slightly wavy edge, which could speak to the undulating surf of the ocean…or just look crappy. I’ll stick with the ocean metaphor. AND since most of the cabled hats wandering around the city sport sequins I sewed a couple of those on there for good measure.

Next up: armwarmers and the rest of the hat trick.

My pal Sabre has this innate ability to pull together the most amazing meals with whatever happens to be on hand in the kitchen. I’m always blown away by how casual she is about recipes – in that she doesn’t use them and just feels out a meal. This sort of making eludes me. I need instructions for most of my hobbies (some more intricate and in depth than others). And I struggle when I don’t have clear directions to follow.

As you can imagine this significantly limits the creative aspect of my knitting. It’s challenging to follow an intricate pattern line for line and make something beautiful. But is it creative? Not for me. I can control the color and size and that’s about it.
I think that’s why I fell in love with the super simple “Kim’s Hats” pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. (as an aside, I’ve met Joelle H. at Purl who personally assisted me with some minor knit issues – she’s a very patient and gifted woman!) The simplicity of Kim’s Hat pattern allowed me to get comfortable with the basics of hat knitting. Soon I started tweeking brim styles, adding earflaps, working different stitches, then including different elements like cables- and it worked!

In the interest of pushing myself into a more creative place knit wise I’m going to make a sweater for my man and here is my proposed concept:

Sweater Idea

The design is a mix from various sources. The shape is based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Seamless Hybrid Sweater,” from Knitting Without Tears, with a “Shirt Yoke” back. The ‘creative’ part is adding ribbing, a V neck, and some colorwork. The colorwork pictured is from Kristin Nicholas’ Spartan Pullover (Interweave Knits Fall ’06). I may figure out something else to put in there since I’m trying to be imaginative here. But, I don’t want to go to overboard since I’ve never made a sweater before.

Tis the season for empty promises! Actually, I’m usually pretty good about keeping my resolutions. Or I fulfill enough of the promise that I can convince myself I’ve kept it. Resolution time is great because it broadens my focus which tends to get pretty narrow at Christmas time. Below are a few of my craft goals for this year in no particular order:

Make Argyle socks

Make a Sweater for an adult that fits

Take a quilting class

Knit up the sea silk that has been sitting in a drawer for a year.

Make some baby hats or blankets (we currently have 1 baby and 2 pregnancies in the family)

Make a Mega Man costume (I’m really planning ahead here)

I think these things are doable. The only part that worries me is the sweater. I’ve never made a garment that required much brain power. And I really want it to fit. So I guess I should dust off the old cranium and do some pattern research. I’ll probably start with a husband sweater because it seems easier to have a model. Besides, if it isn’t awesome he’ll still wear it. He wears anything. As long as it has personality.

Happy New Year!

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