Tis the season for empty promises! Actually, I’m usually pretty good about keeping my resolutions. Or I fulfill enough of the promise that I can convince myself I’ve kept it. Resolution time is great because it broadens my focus which tends to get pretty narrow at Christmas time. Below are a few of my craft goals for this year in no particular order:

Make Argyle socks

Make a Sweater for an adult that fits

Take a quilting class

Knit up the sea silk that has been sitting in a drawer for a year.

Make some baby hats or blankets (we currently have 1 baby and 2 pregnancies in the family)

Make a Mega Man costume (I’m really planning ahead here)

I think these things are doable. The only part that worries me is the sweater. I’ve never made a garment that required much brain power. And I really want it to fit. So I guess I should dust off the old cranium and do some pattern research. I’ll probably start with a husband sweater because it seems easier to have a model. Besides, if it isn’t awesome he’ll still wear it. He wears anything. As long as it has personality.

Happy New Year!