I’m sorry for not posting these sooner.  There really is no excuse.  I even got a new camera from Santa, so my projects will no longer wilt under the glaring flash of my crappulous Canon from 2002. So without further ado…

mom socks

Mom’s socks.  These turned out quite nicely I believe, apart from being bound off slightly too tightly.  Also I found out later that when you cast on for the toes, you flip the needles 180°.  So it feels like you’re knitting on the wrong side, but really it’s the right side.  Otherwise you get BUMPS ON YOUR TOES.   Not those kinds of bumps, it’s not really contagious, I just mean it looks like a purl row sticking out of the seam.

Anyway, mom liked them a lot. So much that she decided that she would give her friend another pair as a gift!  So I am working on those now.


Felted laptop bag!  Finally.  So after completing this project I only have two pieces of advice:

1. Don’t be sloppy with your sewing.  Try to match up the rows.  Otherwise, you get this visually interesting but physically warped diagonal stripe.

2. DO NOT attempt to felt something this size unless you have uninterrupted access to a washing machine in a private home.  This might take awhile, and there WILL be lint.