Deceit, addiction. Two things that tend to go hand in hand. Well in this case hand and hat:


My preliminary armwarmer. Kinda nice eh? Sort of an indigo color as per request. See that cable along the center? Subtle. Best part? This is my own pattern produced from an actual swatch I made! It could use delinting but over all it’s a success!

Right? Not so much. This is where I’m lying to you:

Holey (piece of) crap

Behold! The abysmal laddering and shoddy join for the thumb casing. I have a terrible time with DPNs greater than U.S. size 2 – fabric ladders no matter how tightly I pull. I think it’s time to journey to the land of the Magic Loop. Well, I have no excuse for that thumb except that it was early Monday morning and I was still bleary eyed from living.

And behind the deception lurks the addiction:hat for Luis’s son

Hat for Zabet’s Son

Two little hats to boost my knitterly mood. Just something to take the edge off you know? Get me through the day.

A quick note about the second hat: it’s knit for a child whose initials are “S.A.I.L” so I went with a nautical theme. This hat reminds me of wooden lobster bouys or the Nautical Flag Echo (I am directing my course to starboard) This makes me glad in a big ole geeky way.

And Lia? If I ever get these armwarmers working I’ll be happy to make you a pair 🙂

Next up: a bit of sweater action. A very wee bit.