I’ve been in hiding lately. Too much going on? Sure. But mainly I’m trying to sneak up on this sweater I’ve promised to make my husband. Poor guy is sort of an unwilling participant. I can get a little intense and obsessive. And his natural response is to give me space to work out my obsession (which normally is great) however, I need a model damnit!

That’s where the sneaking up part comes in. If I don’t fantasize TOO much and worry and obsess it won’t be so bad. I’ve told you I cry just about every Halloween I make my costume right? Well imagine the pressure I’d put on myself for a garment worn more than twice?

Well it had better be worn more than twice! SEE THAT! That’s the attitude I don’t want to have.

So I’m going to breathe, take a step back,  remember that it’s a first sweater and therefore a learning process, and most importantly: not be a crazy lady.

WIP Sweater

Almost 220 yards of sweater goodness. Everything seems on track so far. That purple yarn on the bottom of the sweater is my provisional cast-on edge. Shortly I’ll begin the sleeves – shh! Don’t tell the sweater I’m making progress!