I was going to post progress shots of the sleeves – but I’m not sure 2.5″ of sleeve really counts as progress. 🙂

So here is a little left over Christmas for your entertainment. My in-laws got me a Jordana Paige handbag – which is like the Kate Spade of knitting bags. Anyway, so far I’m enjoying it:

Jordana Paige Bag, Bella

This is the Bella style in black. It’s pretty attractive and NOT leather which in my mind is a plus. I’m a little concerned about how the exterior will wear since it seems kinda fragile.

Bella Interior 1

The inside is AWESOME! There’s a pocket just for your wound balls and loops to thread your yarn though so it’s less likely to get tangled. Best part about this is I won’t be dropping my ball and have it roll away on the subway platform/train (you know, like in an old school cartoon except with subway nastiness EW!).

Bella Interior 2

Another pocket has space for all the little random bits that come with this hobby, DPNs, Chrochet hooks, whatever.

The bag doesn’t really close (maybe it’s because it’s still brand spankin’ new – I just busted it out today) and I’m afraid I’ll accidentally dump out something on the train. I carry too much knitting crap. Hopefully with this new bag I’ll be a little more streamlined. Streamlined for the new year. That’s me, all sleek and shiny. Well, on a really good day.