Well, as mentioned last week I’ve conquered my confusion about the ‘magic loop’ method. I’m not going to give you a link for the method because nothing I found on the net made sense to me. I had a serious brain block and the only way to move forward was to just work it out for myself. It really wasn’t hard once I got past my assumptions. See below:

Diagram 1

Well, that’s kind of a duh moment. Instead of knitting one item all the way around then moving to the next you will:
• knit half of item one
• knit half of item two
• turn your work to
• knit other half of item two
• knit other half of item one
Seems REALLY obvious now. I knew it couldn’t be as hard as I made it out to be. Sometimes I could just kick myself for being so blond. 😉

If you’re interested, a couple more tips I learned the hard way:

Diagram 2

1. cast on using DPNs and join to work in the round. Knit a row or two. Transfer half your stitches to one side of the circulars and half to the other side. IMPORTANT! make sure the tail of your working yarn is facing out toward the needle points. Repeat step 1 for the second item and just slide the first item back on the loop.

Diagram 3

2. make sure you knit on the stitches closest to you (obvious right? Well I must’ve been having a moment because I ended up working 2 inches of rib then tried to knit some stockinette only to have to purl it because I was knitting on the wrong edge – see diagram above…)

Diagram 4

3. idiot proof your end of row mark – again obvious but my brain is still mystified by the ML concept and needs extra help. I’ve placed an open stitch marker in the middle of the sleeve just as a “HEY! You are at the end of your row dear” reminder.

Anyhow, it’s great to finally conquer the two items on one circular technique! Go me! whoo hoo! And if I can do it you can also (or already do and haven’t bothered reading this far…)

Next time: Dr. Who!