My friend Neil casually mentioned that he’s had a knitting machine locked in the trunk of his car for 2 years. Other than the immediate ‘why the hell would you possibly have a knitting machine’ reaction there was the ‘I MUST HAVE IT’ response. I’ve been lusting after it for over a year now. Sigh. It’s like a friend, my little knitting machine fantasy. I daydream about the crazy shibori experiments I could try and the silly photo blankets I could compose.

So I proposed to Neil. No, no, made a proposal to him to make a Dr. Who scarf in exchange for his knitting machine—which he TOTALLY isn’t using and should therefore just give me (ebay be damned!) 😉

Dr. Who Pics

Here’s a glory shot of the yarn, minus 4 back ordered skeins, as proof of my intentions. The green is named ‘nervous green’  hee hee…don’t worry little yarn, I’ll be gentle.

Dr. Who Yarn

ANYWAY, here’s the blinders part: I’m not entirely sure he’s accepted my offer. I mean, I know he wants a Dr. Who scarf, but is he willing to part with his random piece of trunk nostalgia?

In addition, I’ve never seen this knitting machine so it would be rather funny to knit a 20 foot long scarf for a hand-cranked I-cord maker. That’d be just my luck!