Did your brain just read strike or stripe? Just curious.

hat 1

hat 1b

It’s a stripe strike really with the purpose of commandeering some yarn for these non-military style boot(ee)s.


At 7 rows left and I REALLY didn’t feel a need to send out a tactical squad in search of the appropriate dye lot. Although more angora never really hurt anyone. Much.

So since the hat wasn’t rocking this stripe the way I hoped I ripped it out. The angora held up really well, usually such a fluffy yarn tenaciously resists ripping back to the point that well, there wouldn’t be one.


The hat looks pretty funny, but the bootees!! Oh fluffy white magic courtesy of Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I’ve been meaning to branch out but I love the ridiculously simple construction- no heels, no seam sewing just some slipped stitches and a game of stitch pick up and suddenly you’ve got a bootee. All in under an hour!

bootees 2a

Also, since tomorrow is the start of March and the babies’ Mother has a thing for clovers I’m going to embellish the hat with a crocheted clover or 2. This one is practice, I’m not really a crocheter but I’m feeling the need to cover as many crafty bases with this kid as possible. You’ll see what I mean soon enough 🙂