If you know the littlest bit about me, and have relatively beginner googling skills, I’m as easy to find as our cat when he’s pretending to stalk yarn like an invisible ninja. Our cat is a way overweight, barrel-chested, big-boned cat, who’s the opposite of invisible (also, the opposite of stealth ninja as he always lands with a loud thud). And I am very easy to find on the Internet.

On Friday evening I was working on blue/purple fingerless gloves (well, tubes with a finger holder sewn in, but the details of that project is a whole other story) with size 5 double-pointed needles, on the downtown 4 train. The woman sitting next to me on the train was staring at me. She noticed when I sat down (I walked onto the train holding my knitting because I was working on the platform).

The conversation went:

Her: You’re knitting.
Me: Yep.
Her: What are you making? Is that a sock?
Me: Nope.
Her: It looks like a sock. Is it a sleeve?
Me: Nope.
Her: What is it then?
Me (I don’t like to talk to strangers on the train because I’ve spent too long working with the public to not know they’re all crazy): fingerless gloves.
Her: Oh wow!! I think it looks like a sock. Where do you work? You got on at [if you really want to know, just google me] are you a student there? [nice ploy to butter me up, but I know I’m 10 years older than the average undergrad]
Me: No. I’m faculty- a librarian.
Her: I’m a guidance counselor at [some junior high school I hadn’t heard of]. I run a knitting and crochet group there. My name is [and she gives me her full name].
Me: Oh. That’s nice. I’m Kate. [I always forget how much the Internet will tell someone with just a first name and place of employment].
Her: Why are you using so many needles? How many needles is that?
Me: Three
Her: It looks like four to me. I see four needles.
Me: The fourth one just moves the yarn from needle to needle.
Her: So, you’re using four needles.
Me: I’m knitting on three needles.
Her: Well, I see four, and that looks really complicated. Will you come to my school and present for my students’ knitting group?
Me: Umm.. I don’t usually do that…
Her: The kids would LOVE it.
Me: Umm… well, my friend works in a public library and goes to schools in your neighborhood doing book talks, and also knits.
Her: GREAT! Can she knit on four needles?
Me: Yes.
Her: Here’s my number!!!

Then she gets off the train and I shake it off, and remember that the public is crazy, even though she’s probably nice enough. Then I tell Jenny about it (yes- I volunteered my wife & tooboo comrade- I hope I don’t get kicked off the blog for that- and for this crazy long post). And then we have the weekend [weekend knitting activities will follow in a separate post] and I totally forget about the friendly guidance counselor.

And then today, I got a VM at work from her! She looked me up and left me a message to try to get me or my friend to visit her knitting junior high group. Weird.