At knitting circle (we’re old skool), this week someone thought it would be fun to discuss what we listen to while knitting. So here’s my list:

At Home: DVD boxed sets. I just finished up 5 seasons of Joss Whedon’s Angel and I’m now on Season 2 of Veronica Mars girl detective.

Subways: The tinny sound of hip hop coming out of the crappy Apple headphones of the dude sitting next to me. People complaining and shoving to get into the train car “cause there’s room…over there!!” someone begging for a handout.

In Bars: bad karaoke mostly 90’s tunes and off color comments generally of a sexual nature.

Well, that’s my knitting soundtrack. Were you asking for a song list or does this suffice? I don’t listen to music on headphones. The train is too loud to hear it even with the in-ear headphones. I don’t want to damage my hearing. Plus I hate being so disconnected from my surroundings (even if they include some unpleasant things).

So who’s next? Jenny! Tag. You’re it.

PS The apron is done (although needs ironing):


However, dude bailed on his birthday fun (he was sick) so I can redo some of these wonky lines. It’s so fun being a perfectionist!!!