bad puns

Deceit, addiction. Two things that tend to go hand in hand. Well in this case hand and hat:


My preliminary armwarmer. Kinda nice eh? Sort of an indigo color as per request. See that cable along the center? Subtle. Best part? This is my own pattern produced from an actual swatch I made! It could use delinting but over all it’s a success!

Right? Not so much. This is where I’m lying to you:

Holey (piece of) crap

Behold! The abysmal laddering and shoddy join for the thumb casing. I have a terrible time with DPNs greater than U.S. size 2 – fabric ladders no matter how tightly I pull. I think it’s time to journey to the land of the Magic Loop. Well, I have no excuse for that thumb except that it was early Monday morning and I was still bleary eyed from living.

And behind the deception lurks the addiction:hat for Luis’s son

Hat for Zabet’s Son

Two little hats to boost my knitterly mood. Just something to take the edge off you know? Get me through the day.

A quick note about the second hat: it’s knit for a child whose initials are “S.A.I.L” so I went with a nautical theme. This hat reminds me of wooden lobster bouys or the Nautical Flag Echo (I am directing my course to starboard) This makes me glad in a big ole geeky way.

And Lia? If I ever get these armwarmers working I’ll be happy to make you a pair 🙂

Next up: a bit of sweater action. A very wee bit.


I have finally succumbed to the addiction that is sock knitting.  Or rather, bootie knitting since I have neither the time nor the patience for socks, or anything requiring a <#9 needle.

I thought these would make some good last-minute (last-minute for knitted stuff anyway) gift items.

Thanks to Cassandra for the beautiful handspun yarn, I would give it a shout-out but I think I threw away the tag! …the color was called Sundress.

The twin toes are Needful Yarns Joy #312.

Thanks also goes to this lady… I’m just sorry I didn’t discover her page sooner!  I am still terrified of DP needles and so I jumped head first into the magic loop.


I think all doilies are reminiscent of ancient ladies and too heinous to make in the contemporary knitting scene.

ha, just kidding! I’m totally addicted to knitting this giant blanket sized doily! Here is my swatch for the Hemlock Ring Blanket based on a 1942 pattern. Who knew doily knitting could be so fun?

Hemlock Swatch

size is about 12″ Proof of swatch!

Baby hat in progress:Baby hat is kinda adult

I don’t have any children, but I’m pretty sure this will be too large for a newborn. However, my co-workers with kids say that babies have huge heads (since it’s almost Halloween that fills my scary quotient for the day).

Maybe I’ll make some bootees to match. Hopefully she won’t go into labor before I’m done…

Happy Friday!

It’s done!  Just in time for the birthday that started… about 45 minutes ago.




The blanket stitch was not as scary as I thought, but I don’t know if I was even doing it right.  It was a little wonky at first until I got the hang of it.

The problem with the fleece is that it’s not stretchy like the garter stitch so I was afraid it would be rumply in places but it’s not really too bad.

I think this project turned out pretty well, considering that I’ve been working on it for the past two entire evenings and now my hand is about to fall off.  (It’s not easy doing surprise knitting presents for someone you see just about every damn day.)  I think now I’m going to take a hiatus from knitting for a while… unless someone wants something SIMPLE like Space Invaders or something for Christmas.

The booties made it to their giftee!

Sabre, Baby, Bootie

Aw. I think the next pair will be knit on a size larger needle, these just fit this little guy ; ). Sorry I don’t have a close up.

if so she ain’t using it:

In addition to the holiday knits there’s some ‘oops I got pregnant’ knitting going on (not me, I’m not pregnant, but friends. oh so many knocked up friends). These friends didn’t get pregnant by knitting though either.

Baby knits are fast, and if I could just figure out this embroidery thing the cat would be done and some little girl would have a warm noggin and Halloween costume all in one!! For the record this year I am going as Lakitu from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

lakitu.gifMaybe more on that later since it’s not knitting but is crafty!

Couple Notes: This Cat Hat pattern is the simple rolled hat in DK weight from “Itty-Bitty Hats” The ears are based on Hello Yarn’s Top Down Bonnet With Anime Character we’ll see what ends up on the face. Maybe it will be a faceless cat. Would that be freaky?

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