So, the smart person in me finally beat out the tech-tard! I can do it!

I was really afraid I was turingin into my mother! (She just mastered turning on the TV with those newfangled remotes, but instigating the opperation of a DVD or video? Forget it! ( I love you Mom!) )

Now all I need to do is learn how to type!


Caroline B. Cooney, the noted YA author, spoke to the librarians today at the Summer Reading Club launch meeting. Someone asked why she didn’t have a Web site and she responded that it was too much time and that she reads a knitting blog and when that person goes a day without posting, boy, does she get mad! Yarn Harlot, perhaps?

You asked me to blog about the yarn harlot. I don’t really have much to say except that she is indeed a knitting rock star.

Her speech was a little shocking. A woman can’t get a mortgage on property with a 50% deposit just because it’s for a yarn supply. Her husband, however, can because it is for fishing equipment. And not said, but strongly implied, because he is male. My lovely mate says “well fishing is a huge industry” ACK! I thought my man was well versed in the knitting ways. I didn’t realize he was a secret supporter of “CHOKE”.

I’m curious to hear how many knitters actually showed up. And whether or not we made any impact on people’s perceptions of knitters.

I’d like to say something interesting regarding the cumulative effect phenomenon, but it’s Monday. Talk amongst yourselves.