Celebrate St. Patrick’s day in style by hooking yourself up a tiny Shamrock embellishment:

Shamrock / Clover

This works well on hats, as a sweet sweater pin, or sewed onto a simple greeting card (extra postage required?). I’m sure you can think of many other entertaining ways to use these. Shamrock earrings anyone? Er, no thanks.

For tutorial click on link: (more…)


At knitting circle (we’re old skool), this week someone thought it would be fun to discuss what we listen to while knitting. So here’s my list:

At Home: DVD boxed sets. I just finished up 5 seasons of Joss Whedon’s Angel and I’m now on Season 2 of Veronica Mars girl detective.

Subways: The tinny sound of hip hop coming out of the crappy Apple headphones of the dude sitting next to me. People complaining and shoving to get into the train car “cause there’s room…over there!!” someone begging for a handout.

In Bars: bad karaoke mostly 90’s tunes and off color comments generally of a sexual nature.

Well, that’s my knitting soundtrack. Were you asking for a song list or does this suffice? I don’t listen to music on headphones. The train is too loud to hear it even with the in-ear headphones. I don’t want to damage my hearing. Plus I hate being so disconnected from my surroundings (even if they include some unpleasant things).

So who’s next? Jenny! Tag. You’re it.

PS The apron is done (although needs ironing):


However, dude bailed on his birthday fun (he was sick) so I can redo some of these wonky lines. It’s so fun being a perfectionist!!!

Did your brain just read strike or stripe? Just curious.

hat 1

hat 1b

It’s a stripe strike really with the purpose of commandeering some yarn for these non-military style boot(ee)s.


At 7 rows left and I REALLY didn’t feel a need to send out a tactical squad in search of the appropriate dye lot. Although more angora never really hurt anyone. Much.

So since the hat wasn’t rocking this stripe the way I hoped I ripped it out. The angora held up really well, usually such a fluffy yarn tenaciously resists ripping back to the point that well, there wouldn’t be one.


The hat looks pretty funny, but the bootees!! Oh fluffy white magic courtesy of Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I’ve been meaning to branch out but I love the ridiculously simple construction- no heels, no seam sewing just some slipped stitches and a game of stitch pick up and suddenly you’ve got a bootee. All in under an hour!

bootees 2a

Also, since tomorrow is the start of March and the babies’ Mother has a thing for clovers I’m going to embellish the hat with a crocheted clover or 2. This one is practice, I’m not really a crocheter but I’m feeling the need to cover as many crafty bases with this kid as possible. You’ll see what I mean soon enough 🙂


Between sweater sleeves and the Dr. Who Scarf (which I haven’t started but already feel the emotional weight of) I’m a little done with plain old knits. I’m going to break it up with a bit of bootee and hat (surprise) knitting. My husband’s cousin’s wife’s baby shower is early next month and will require something cute for oohing and aahing. But in the meantime:

Pink Dolphin

Embroidery! Embroidery? Well, since Lauren has been making all these great embroidered gifts I thought I could too. This cheesy gem features one of those rare pink dolphins from the Amazon River (or LA). Witness my first real attempt at backstitch, not too bad for a first try. A little wobbly and not as even as I would like but HEY! check out that French knot eyeball. Pretty good eh?

Knife Diagram H

My plan is to practice a bit and then embroider a simple knife diagram on an apron for my brother-in-law’s birthday. It’s not as strange as it sounds: we took cooking classes this winter (we’re both vegetarians who want to be able to make delish veggie dinners) and knife skills was part of the course. I learned both the Japanese and French style of cutting food. Fancy!

Knife Placement 1

I’m still not sure about the placement, but I think the pocket would be nice. UNLESS!!! OH IDEA! I could flip the knife 180 degrees and boom! it will fit on the sternum. I may just do that since embroidering on the pocket would be rough. Thanks for the inspiration blog!

Knife Placement 2Knife Diagram V

Now I just need to practice: dolphin pod or other twee critters?

My friend Neil casually mentioned that he’s had a knitting machine locked in the trunk of his car for 2 years. Other than the immediate ‘why the hell would you possibly have a knitting machine’ reaction there was the ‘I MUST HAVE IT’ response. I’ve been lusting after it for over a year now. Sigh. It’s like a friend, my little knitting machine fantasy. I daydream about the crazy shibori experiments I could try and the silly photo blankets I could compose.

So I proposed to Neil. No, no, made a proposal to him to make a Dr. Who scarf in exchange for his knitting machine—which he TOTALLY isn’t using and should therefore just give me (ebay be damned!) 😉

Dr. Who Pics

Here’s a glory shot of the yarn, minus 4 back ordered skeins, as proof of my intentions. The green is named ‘nervous green’  hee hee…don’t worry little yarn, I’ll be gentle.

Dr. Who Yarn

ANYWAY, here’s the blinders part: I’m not entirely sure he’s accepted my offer. I mean, I know he wants a Dr. Who scarf, but is he willing to part with his random piece of trunk nostalgia?

In addition, I’ve never seen this knitting machine so it would be rather funny to knit a 20 foot long scarf for a hand-cranked I-cord maker. That’d be just my luck!


Well, as mentioned last week I’ve conquered my confusion about the ‘magic loop’ method. I’m not going to give you a link for the method because nothing I found on the net made sense to me. I had a serious brain block and the only way to move forward was to just work it out for myself. It really wasn’t hard once I got past my assumptions. See below:

Diagram 1

Well, that’s kind of a duh moment. Instead of knitting one item all the way around then moving to the next you will:
• knit half of item one
• knit half of item two
• turn your work to
• knit other half of item two
• knit other half of item one
Seems REALLY obvious now. I knew it couldn’t be as hard as I made it out to be. Sometimes I could just kick myself for being so blond. 😉

If you’re interested, a couple more tips I learned the hard way:

Diagram 2

1. cast on using DPNs and join to work in the round. Knit a row or two. Transfer half your stitches to one side of the circulars and half to the other side. IMPORTANT! make sure the tail of your working yarn is facing out toward the needle points. Repeat step 1 for the second item and just slide the first item back on the loop.

Diagram 3

2. make sure you knit on the stitches closest to you (obvious right? Well I must’ve been having a moment because I ended up working 2 inches of rib then tried to knit some stockinette only to have to purl it because I was knitting on the wrong edge – see diagram above…)

Diagram 4

3. idiot proof your end of row mark – again obvious but my brain is still mystified by the ML concept and needs extra help. I’ve placed an open stitch marker in the middle of the sleeve just as a “HEY! You are at the end of your row dear” reminder.

Anyhow, it’s great to finally conquer the two items on one circular technique! Go me! whoo hoo! And if I can do it you can also (or already do and haven’t bothered reading this far…)

Next time: Dr. Who!

I was going to post progress shots of the sleeves – but I’m not sure 2.5″ of sleeve really counts as progress. 🙂

So here is a little left over Christmas for your entertainment. My in-laws got me a Jordana Paige handbag – which is like the Kate Spade of knitting bags. Anyway, so far I’m enjoying it:

Jordana Paige Bag, Bella

This is the Bella style in black. It’s pretty attractive and NOT leather which in my mind is a plus. I’m a little concerned about how the exterior will wear since it seems kinda fragile.

Bella Interior 1

The inside is AWESOME! There’s a pocket just for your wound balls and loops to thread your yarn though so it’s less likely to get tangled. Best part about this is I won’t be dropping my ball and have it roll away on the subway platform/train (you know, like in an old school cartoon except with subway nastiness EW!).

Bella Interior 2

Another pocket has space for all the little random bits that come with this hobby, DPNs, Chrochet hooks, whatever.

The bag doesn’t really close (maybe it’s because it’s still brand spankin’ new – I just busted it out today) and I’m afraid I’ll accidentally dump out something on the train. I carry too much knitting crap. Hopefully with this new bag I’ll be a little more streamlined. Streamlined for the new year. That’s me, all sleek and shiny. Well, on a really good day.

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