Knit Night

Knitters, it’s been a long time. Last night the audacious claim that we have been knitting since 2004 was argued! BUT WAIT! I have proof – more definitive than a mortgage statement: Knit Night completely addicted me to America’s Next Top Model. I didn’t watch it before I met you and this is a shot from the first season we all watched together:


Cycle 5 baby. So yeah a long time, but not that long. (This season premiered on May 24, 2005 – and hey, Shad fest is in May!)

Bonus points for anyone who remembers the name of the model featured above. šŸ˜‰
Anyway on to knit night:

Dinner vegan style

Not too much knitting going on with all the eating. Butternut squash soup with mixed greens & hearts of palm salad, garlic bread, and wine.

mmm cuppy cake

And of course chocolate chip pumpkin cupcakes. I wish I had one right now. Oh. My. God. My photograph does not do it justice! Damn why didn’t I take 2 when I had the chance?!

Purple Blanket

Sabre is rocking on the garter stitch baby blanket – I think she’s actually picking up a dropped stitch here so maybe not rocking as much as carefully jamming (the stitch on the needle).

Bye Miel!

Miel is good sometimes, but more often the yarn is too tempting and he gets banished.

Happy knitting!


One of the best thing about knitting is the camaraderie. I mean who will sit through all the details of your wip if not your knitting friends?


Lauren hides behind her numerous ends. Soon she’s totally going to make like an 8 bit hero and special move those bits into submission.

Weave on

Sabre is branching out with some (paper?) weaving – in this pic she’s prepping her material. Unfortunatly I didn’t get a shot of the final product… On a side note, I have never heard this girl curse so much. Guess knitting isn’t the only frustrating craft!

A LittleĀ Ribbing

Kate is holiday knitting?!? This is the start of a fetching ribbed scarf – I think the yarn was donated stash.

KnotĀ Again!

Jenny is all tangled up. Again. So far the majority of time spent on this shawl isĀ  the de-tangling. The shawl is looking really lovely so HANG IN THERE JENNY!! And do you have pics?

Obligatory CatĀ Pic

Finally there is Fizzgig, who decided she might like to play with yarn if you gave her some and wiggled it around a bit. Ok, this shot is totally staged, but Miel isn’t here to provide dramatic Cat vs Yarn action.