Wait, was that the question?

It depends. If I have some movies from my ghetto Netflix queue (a.k.a. The Library) I tend to watch those. They pretty much have to be English-language though; subtitles are a problem because I find myself looking up and down constantly and making stupid mistakes. Yesterday I watched La Vie En Rose, and I can’t help but wonder if my inability to be impressed with it had less to do with the non-linear story arc and underdeveloped characters than with the irritation I experienced trying to untangle my Manos.

Wasn’t that also the movie that made Kate say she was going to stop, er… tying one on?

Recently I re-watched the entire Twin Peaks series. I completed exactly one pair of socks. I was much more prolific during the first viewing, when I knit a big throw. This time I was kind of shocked by the last episode all over again because I didn’t really remember what happened. Again, maybe knitting getting in the way of full comprehension.

I also like to listen to podcasts sometimes, usually NPR, This American Life, or the Savage Lovecast. My boyfriend got me listening to the Dr. Joy Brown Show, which if you don’t know is a radio call-in advice show hosted by a no-nonsense kind of therapist lady. He listens to her before bed because it is calming and helps him sleep. I hope that he would not be too embarrassed that I tell the world (ok like four of my knitting friends) this.

And musically I have been rocking out to a new old ‘lab I found, as well as Suburban Kids with Biblical Names.

I would tag Sabre, but I don’t know if she actually reads this blog.


That’s right, it’s today.  Enjoy!

pipe bag

Right now, while someone is out smokin’ and drinkin’ and carrying on at pipe club, I am here struggling in the last vain attempts at girlfriend perfection. I also kind of need to be writing an article for a professional journal that’s due on Friday, so that just shows you where my priorities are right now.

The inspiration:


The pipe bag:


Thanks goes out to this awesome lady, without her I would be making a big giant mess with needle and thread. Not that it’s not really messy or anything, but I shudder to think about what would have happened had I done it regular old embroidery-style.

Tomorrow I will try to have pics of the finished accessory! God help me.

The socks they just don’t stop!


Next up: TODDSOCKS.  Watch yo’self.

I’m sorry for not posting these sooner.  There really is no excuse.  I even got a new camera from Santa, so my projects will no longer wilt under the glaring flash of my crappulous Canon from 2002. So without further ado…

mom socks

Mom’s socks.  These turned out quite nicely I believe, apart from being bound off slightly too tightly.  Also I found out later that when you cast on for the toes, you flip the needles 180°.  So it feels like you’re knitting on the wrong side, but really it’s the right side.  Otherwise you get BUMPS ON YOUR TOES.   Not those kinds of bumps, it’s not really contagious, I just mean it looks like a purl row sticking out of the seam.

Anyway, mom liked them a lot. So much that she decided that she would give her friend another pair as a gift!  So I am working on those now.


Felted laptop bag!  Finally.  So after completing this project I only have two pieces of advice:

1. Don’t be sloppy with your sewing.  Try to match up the rows.  Otherwise, you get this visually interesting but physically warped diagonal stripe.

2. DO NOT attempt to felt something this size unless you have uninterrupted access to a washing machine in a private home.  This might take awhile, and there WILL be lint.

I have finally succumbed to the addiction that is sock knitting.  Or rather, bootie knitting since I have neither the time nor the patience for socks, or anything requiring a <#9 needle.

I thought these would make some good last-minute (last-minute for knitted stuff anyway) gift items.

Thanks to Cassandra for the beautiful handspun yarn, I would give it a shout-out but I think I threw away the tag! …the color was called Sundress.

The twin toes are Needful Yarns Joy #312.

Thanks also goes to this lady… I’m just sorry I didn’t discover her page sooner!  I am still terrified of DP needles and so I jumped head first into the magic loop.


In an unparalleled burst of cleaning energy, I found this old, non-completed project under a dust bunny under my bed:


my so-called stripey computer cozy

It is a laptop bag that will be felted when finished. Unfortunately I do not know where this pattern came from, so I don’t know what the finished dimensions are supposed to be. I only have a little yarn left, so here goes!

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