Fingerless Gloves Bind one off: They’re the easiest fingerless gloves in the universe- a tube (I used double-pointed size 5 needles- 2 knit, 2 perl & cast on 16 stitches on each of 3 needles with cotton yarn that seemed a tad thicker than embroidery yarn). Then I sewed a few stitches at the top to make a thumb space, and they’re done! It’s as easy as the “tube with a hole” fingerless gloves project. A friend from work inspired this project- she was wearing a pair of gloves made just this way– and I couldn’t believe how great they looked, with such a crazy easy pattern.

Tie one on: Last weekend at the Museum of Art and Design we saw Cheers! A MAD collection of goblets. I love how there are so many glasses to match every different kind of beverage, and that there’s a reason for each design– the flat wide rim of margarita glasses that perfectly displays and distributes salt for every sip, and then the shot glass and espresso cup, both of which deliver the perfect little mouthful of delight, one warm and the other cold, one with a handle and saucer, the other without, both of which are sometimes accompanied by whipped cream.


29 days to be exact and if my secret knitting needs to end by Dec. 21? Hmm.

this is the plan revisited:

1 silk herringbone stitch scarf — DONE! Pics to come.

1 lap blanket (pattern Hemlock Ring mod by b r o o k l y n t w e e d) — I’m on ROW 39! I made it past the dreaded row 35. Actually not bad if you have the corrected pattern.

1 lace scarf (pattern TBD) – The Yarn Harlot is making the Swallow Tail Shawl from Interweave Knits, it looks relatively simple. Maybe I could take the main pattern and work it in a scarf format? I’ll have to check…

Then there are last year’s knits that didn’t make it off the needles in time:Charlotte’s Web Shawl in Rainbow Mohair

Feather and Fan scarf in Silver Threaded Mohair —  OK, truth time. I really hate this thing.  The yarn is like Cellophane Threaded Mohair. So NO. I’m NOT MAKING YOU EVER! Sometimes I need to be firm with my knits.


One of my favorite moments of the series, say it with me, “DR ALLEN’S GINGER-FLAVORED BRANDY”

Oh yeah. And I think if you look closely you’ll see a badly photoshopped My So-Called Scarf gracing Graham’s neck. Too bad he choose to wear red, that’s some horrible clashing dudes.

I always thought he was a little girly. deep down. way deep down. way way.