I have all of these great photos of my Halloween costume, that I never got to wear to the parade because I had a crazy dry/infected eye that just didn’t go with the mermaid theme. I did wear it to a party and I think our table was the only one where the women’s costumes didn’t all look like strippers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a little creativity, people, how many naughty nurses can one bar handle? (rhetorical question). I’m also posting the eggnog cupcakes (from Bittersweet) that we had for Thanksgiving at Cassandra and Owen’s that were decidedly not eggnog-like, but still really damn good. And, to bring us up to the current holiday, the soaps that I made with characters on them that supposedly say things like: love, tranquility, energy, but that probably actually say something completely different. And, the iPod holder that I made for Kate. It was super-easy and one of the many cute things in Vogue’s Knit 101 book.


I came across these photos of one of our knitting nights. We all felt the need to hide behind our projects for some reason.

Sometimes vegans have no idea what they’re missing. Case in point: the Vietnamese hoagie. Anyone who has tried one will tell you of the near religious experience it brings along with the dichotomies of sweet and salty, hot and cool, tender and crisp.

Maybe it was crazy for me to think I could replicate this at home; crazier still to think I could substitute delicious pork with a texturized vegetable protein. But judging from the reaction of vegans and nonvegans alike the first-ever vegan bánh mì knit night was a total success. It was so good we almost forgot to knit.

mise en place

1 daikon radish
3 carrots
2 C water
1 C white vinegar
1 C sugar
2 French baguettes
1 English cucumber
3 jalapeños
bunch of cilantro
2 packages Smart BBQ
1 package Smart bologna or other fake meat bologna
Asian chili garlic hot sauce

Directions: Cut the daikon and carrot into julienne strips. Combine water, sugar and vinegar in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Transfer to a bowl, add daikon and carrots, and refrigerate 30 minutes or overnight.

Prepare cucumber and jalapeño into slices. Separate cilantro into sprigs. Heat up veggie BBQ on stovetop. Cut each baguette into quarters, crisp in 400° oven. Assemble and enjoy!

Bánh mì

Serves 8.