I’ve been playing with Yahoo Pipes and I made an RSS feed of other knitting blogs and linked to it from the sidebar. Fellow knitting circle members: if you have any blogs with RSS that you’d like me to add, or any design-y things you want me to change, just let me know. I hope to make one that has a Yahoo map of all the NYC knitting stores.


I have all of these great photos of my Halloween costume, that I never got to wear to the parade because I had a crazy dry/infected eye that just didn’t go with the mermaid theme. I did wear it to a party and I think our table was the only one where the women’s costumes didn’t all look like strippers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a little creativity, people, how many naughty nurses can one bar handle? (rhetorical question). I’m also posting the eggnog cupcakes (from Bittersweet) that we had for Thanksgiving at Cassandra and Owen’s that were decidedly not eggnog-like, but still really damn good. And, to bring us up to the current holiday, the soaps that I made with characters on them that supposedly say things like: love, tranquility, energy, but that probably actually say something completely different. And, the iPod holder that I made for Kate. It was super-easy and one of the many cute things in Vogue’s Knit 101 book.

I finally finished the scarf to go with my spaghetti strap dress, just in time for Kate’s niece’s bat mitzvah. Cassandra commented that it looked like scribble lace, which was unintentional. I finished it on our roof, before it got too cold and where I could escape from Mel for awhile. I also made some rosewater pistachio cupcakes as a test run that knitting circle has not had a chance to try yet. They have cardamom and a wonderful tea taste that is a little like licking someone’s grandmother, but in the nicest possible way.

So I still don’t know how to spin, but darn it, I’m setting a deadline so that I can participate in this year’s spin out in Central Park. Ladies if you are up for it, it is on September 29th. I’m sure you can go even if you don’t know how, there will be great fiber mojo!

Cara over at January One had a logo contest this year and I submitted some ideas (click for bigger):


Hope to see you there!

A sewing needle went missing Sunday night during knitting circle and Mister Miel, the yarn ingesting cat, had a guilty look on his face. The circle made a mad dash to the Animal Medical Center on 62nd and York, and, after an overnight stay, we got one very sleepy cat back. A few days later, they mailed us the x-rays and the really gnarly needle and thread.


That’s right people. I HAVE A PROJECT. Not to go overboard on the puns, but it is the MOTHER of all projects.

My mom asked me to make her a “summery” throw, as the one I made a few years ago is lovely but rather dark. It is made up of various shades of dark red. This one will be lighter sage-y colors plus some variegated Manos for that “pop.” It should be good. Check back here again soon for a progress report.

I don’t think it will be done by mother’s day (the last one took me the entire length of Twin Peaks to finish, however many hours that is) but it’s the thought that counts.


Clockwise from 10 o’clock:
Galler Yarns FLORE II Mohair/Wool/Nylon #104
Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran Merino/Microfibre/Cashmere #300502
Manos Cotton Stria #204
Lamb’s Pride Bulky Wool/Mohair Avocado
Frog Tree Merino #46
Manos del Uruguay #109

Sorry, click for larger pics. I’m having issues posting today.

FBS (Click For Large)

After some major frogging and some more minor frogging episodes I am 2 repeats and a border away from finished! This is a pretty simple lace pattern. I’d definitely recommend it for first time lace makers, but have some coffee before delving in. I’m now blaming caffeine deprivation for my shawl folly.

I think I’d like to add a little more color for the border. Just a small amount of ‘pop’. Maybe this:

Border Yarn


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