Sometimes tying one on before knitting can lead to unfortunate decisions.

Case in point: bottle of Shiraz-Cabernet blend plus brand spanking new (to me) flower basket shawl pattern equals major frogging episode of ridiculous proportions.

Cast on… knit… 70 ROWS later realize, “huh, I am reading the left half of this pattern backwards and am definately making this much harder than it needs to be, and what if the border won’t work with the backwardness? so maybe I should stop…” Did I mention I’m blond?

Anyway, my man (an awesome specimen of humanity) got me a fabulous birthday gift.

See my sad crinkly Koigu yarn ‘before’ picture?


‘After’ the steamy action!


Smooth, smooth smooth! I can not tell you how happy I am to have a hand held Steamer. It may be sad, but I’m totally digging it. Some knitters recommend the “hang your frogged bits in the bathroom while you shower” to release the kinks, but that has never worked for me (my shower is not uber toasty) so this is a great alternative.



One of my favorite things to do in addition to knitting is converting the public. Which includes, friends, family, and strangers. I’ve personally only taught 2 people to knit but I like to think I’ve had a hand in a few of my friends ‘fiber awakenings’. Truth be told, I’m pretty evangelical about knitting (I like it. So you might too). I want to step up the conversion. Yesterday a woman on the subway asked me where to get yarn and needles like mine, and I only had one yarn store business card on me. (for shame!) That store was in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is nice, sure, but that lady was in Midtown Manhattan. So I’m thinking of creating a pocket guide to city knits. It would divide up the city into yarn. oooo

Do you have any favorite stores that feed your addiction?

In order to bolster this little guide I’m going to put together a yarn crawl. It’s spring time and I’m feeling like finding something fresh in the city…

also, the Sea Silk Moss yarn made it to its intended target. At 4oo meters (that’s 437.45 yards for my fellow Americans) it does go on & on.

check it out in the Berry Colorway:

Berry Goodness

is running out of inspiration.

I’ve been in a virtual knit desert. Everything the same. Colorless and sweaty. Until today.

Guess what came in the mail? Hand Maiden’s Sea Silk in the Berry colorway. It is luscious. Soft and supple. I bury my face in it and sigh, inhaling deeply a delicate scent of seaweed. Yes I’m still talking about yarn! Get your minds out of the gutter. This yarn is destined to become the Melon Shawl from “Victorian Lace Today.”

I’m worried about being a project whore. Currently, my needles are churning out the “Flower Basket Shawl” and with some diligence it’ll be done before my trip to Louisiana. But I really want to start working with sea silk!!

One interesting note about the sea silk colorways: I also picked up Moss and both colors are very rich but Berry has a range of pinks and reds throughout the skein and Moss is more of a solid tone. Subtle series indeed! Moss is going to Martine, she’s suffering from wedding planning overload and needs some knitty goodness.

Photos to come, it’s too dark now for decent pics. But here is Zoe, the sweetest knitty kitty.Zoe!

Dear Valley Berkshire Yarn,

I know we’ve been having a rough time lately. It seems like no matter what I do I’ve been pissing you off. You (ok, use I words) I feel like when I get home there’s this tension between us. (3.5 stitches per inch to be exact. was that below the belt?). Well, even when I try to please you by picking up 7 more skeins for the saffron cables project you laugh me off, call the yarn store behind my back and explain to the lady that I am a woman on edge and shouldn’t be allowed to have any more yarn. I don’t understand. I thought things were going great between us. Is it that merino I picked up last week? It doesn’t mean more to me than you do!!!!! We need to reconnect, have some fun. Let’s go out. I’ll even spring for dinner.

love always,

I’ve been working for a few weeks now on gauge swatches for my friend’s wedding gift: the stunning Saffron Cables afghan from Interweave Knits Fall ’06. Funny thing about these swatches, no matter what size needle I use I end up with 3.5 stitches per inch. Doesn’t matter. U.S. Size 9 or size 4 it all ends up 3.5 stitches per inch. I know that stress (and wine consumption) will have an effect on gauge but this is a little ridiculous.

Since gauge isn’t my friend I’m going to pick up more yarn. Since I am math-impaired an engineering pal helped me figure out how many more skeins I need to finish this thing. SEVEN! that is a total of 987 extra yards. DUDES! this blanket will be freaking HUGE! It will cover her, her husband to be, their future children, and the neighbor’s children. and there will be room left over to keep the cat warm too.

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